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Bukit Kinding Resort

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Bukit Kinding Resort
Bukit Kinding Resort

If you are on my Facebook, you would know that my family and I took a mini-holiday earlier this week. It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes, even if it’s just for a short while.

Bukit Kinding Resort
short drive to the guard house

Bukit Kinding Resort

When speaking about holidays, people tend to think that the farther we travel, the better the holiday would be. But we decided to minimize the distance away from home and settled for Bukit Kinding Resort where we spent 2 days / 1 night.

Bukit Kinding Resort
the main building

Bukit Kinding Resort
reception counter

Bukit Kinding Resort is just 30 minutes’ drive from Ipoh city. We were glad that we could go back to nature just in our backyard! I call this “Cuti-cuti Ipoh”! The resort offers two types of accommodation: Standard Chalets and Family Chalets. We opted for the family chalet.

Bukit Kinding Resort

Bukit Kinding Resort
dining room


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10 thoughts on “Bukit Kinding Resort

  1. I like to booking bukit kinding resort at 20~2~2015 ,2 night, pls call back to me, 019~7719292

  2. hi! Good day to you. My family is looking for a gateway during coming CNY at Bukit Kinding Resort if possible. whole family about 8 adults and 6 kids. Please reply. Thanks!

  3. Hi Cassey,

    Do contact the resort directly at +605-5331122 or +605-5330032.

    However, I have received numerous complaints that the resort cannot be reached, and this has happened over the past couple of years.

    Therefore, may I suggest that you consider The Haven Resorts for your holiday break.

    You can read about my experience at The Haven Resorts here:

  4. Can i please get Bukit Kinding Resort contact number ?
    i have been so hard to find out the contact number ,
    and i would like to ask more packages for 80 persons, they are uni students

  5. It has been abandoned as the main building is burnt with a few cars in the car park completely toasted.

    Sad, as it was one of my potential venues that I scouted for my wedding ceremony almost 10 years ago.

  6. Ng,

    Thanks for the update! I was looking for it as I receive so many enquiries about Bukit Kinding Resort. None of my contacts work there anymore and I couldn’t find the time to drive there.

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