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K King 2011 national finals

The 7th K King 2011 Competition finally wrapped up on Sunday, after months of intense competition. The venue of the national grand finals was Ipoh Parade, Ipoh, where the 7th K King 2011 Champion was crowned. If I thought that the contestants were great in the earlier rounds, these young men and women stepped up ... continue reading »

7th K King Competition Ipoh

Twenty young men and women sang their hearts out at the semi-final round of the 7th K King 2011 Competition held at Ipoh Parade on Sunday, stepping up the competition. Indeed, competition was intense as only seven participants would be selected to proceed to the National Grand Finale, meeting the top three contestants from the 7th ... continue reading »

7th K King 2011

Wow, what a long Saturday afternoon it was when fifty contestants competed in the quarterfinal round of 7th K King 2011 karaoke singing competition at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh. It was quite an enjoyable show for me although many of the the songs were Mandarin hits that sounded like Greek to me. There were short intervals ... continue reading »

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