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Aery Jo Academy

Like the Kickboxing Exercise by Fitness Embassy, this "Magic of Colours" Make-Up Show by Aery Jo Academy is yet another interesting sub-event. This is the second year that Aery Jo Academy students showcased their creativity at S.H.E. Expo. And of course, I have the photos for you! Yay! Anyway, this time, seven students from Aery Jo ... continue reading »

Magic of Colour Make Up Show by Aery Jo Academy

Magic of Colour Make-Up Show was a show that was brought to us by Aery Jo Academy during the launch of S.H.E. Expo 2011 at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak, yesterday afternoon. The models were dazzling and most of us who were there couldn't help but snap a few shots. Let me share with you some ... continue reading »

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