Kinta Craft Trail

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Kinta Craft Trail
Pooh bear

At Kinta Craft Trail, homemade food was sold as well, which I personally thought was a little out of line. Nonetheless, visitors seemed to enjoy themselves, as if they were at a bistro.

Kinta Craft Trail

Kinta Craft Trail
Tunku Zaleha from Flair Arts & Craft with her wares

Anyway, check out my photos of the items that caught my eye.

Kinta Craft Trail
Angry Birds workshop

Event: Kinta Craft Trail
Venue: Garden Villa, No. 5, Gopeng Road, Ipoh
Date: 10th & 11th Dec, 2011
Time: 10am – 10pm

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7 thoughts on “Kinta Craft Trail

  1. Hi Emily, it’s me again, Ck from @Kampus. Im publishing your article “Kinta Craft Trail” in @Kampus, is it ok for you? Of course you will be given credit. =)

  2. Thanks Emily for that useful information. But currently we are not in touch with them. Is it possible to provide me with their contact so that I can discuss with them and see how it goes? Thanks lot.

  3. Do you have any classes at IPoh for soap makking? I am very interested. If you have any, kindly email to me when. Thanks.

  4. I saw a booth selling handmade soap at Kinta Craft Trail but I do not have the business card of the proprietor. Perhaps you can call Dolly Quah at 016-5516018 for the information. She organised the event. Good luck!

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