Chui Ling & Iko In @ HOMEX 2011

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Angel Wong Chui Ling
Chui Ling’s books

TV and radio personality, emcee and author, Chui Ling, and in Publishers founder, Iko In, were at Perak HOMEX 2011 recently to share with visitors interior design ideas, discussing Chui Ling’s newly renovated home. A slide show was presented, showing Chui Ling’s home. It’s every single woman’s dream home!

Chui Ling Iko In Creative Home
Chui Ling & Iko In

Chui Ling Ipoh
Chui Ling & Iko In discussing about Chui Ling’s newly renovated home

Random questions were thrown to the floor and goodie bags and prizes were given away generously. It was fun, even though I did not win anything.

Chui Ling Ipoh
Chui Ling poses with fans


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