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Motorola Defy

By now, I am sure everyone knows about Motorola Defy already, the latest Android-powered smart phone from Motorola. And you would have seen photos of Motorola Defy on various technology blogs already. So let me just grab a stock photo of it. LOL Out of box, I was rather surprised that it is actually smaller than ... continue reading »

CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad In Stores Now!

Oct 9, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Gadgets, Photos - iPhone
CSL Spice Mi700 DroidPad

Being in the market for a tablet in an attempt to lighten the weight on my back when I travel and too cheap to pay a few thousand bucks for an Apple iPad, I am so excited to discover that CSL, a Malaysian company that deals in mobile phones and other electronic devices, including netbooks, ... continue reading »

launching of PC Show 2010

My friend told me that PC Fair started yesterday at the KL Convention Centre. Unfortunately, the one in Ipoh that is organized by PIKOM, will only begin on 27th August. However, for people who cannot wait, there is a similar PC show right now at Stadium Indera Mulia (indoor stadium), Jalan Stadium Perak, Ipoh. It ... continue reading »

Neoi Fon-Fashion From Germany

Jun 27, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Gadgets, Photos - Olympus PEN E-PL1
Neoi poster

One of the exhibitors that caught my eye when I was visiting Singpore EXPO last week, was Neoi (pronounced Neo-i) from Germany. I remember reading about Neoi on Engadget a long time ago but I didn't give it much thought back then. Seeing these novelty phones and handheld computers in person though, makes me want ... continue reading »

First Shot With My iPhone

Dec 1, 2007 Author: Emily | Filed under: Gadgets, Photos - iPhone

It's been a while since I updated my blog. So what is new, eh? Been busy lately. But here's good news. This was my very first shot taken with the iPhone. Can you recognise Starbucks? I was sitting outside and took a picture of the inside through the glass partition. They have dim yellow lighting ... continue reading »

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