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wedding of Juwita and Jiwang

Traditional Malay Wedding of Juwita & Jiwang at Hippo Kingdom

21st April, 2021 definitely marked an important date in the history of Sunway Lost World of Tambun (LWOT) theme park, with the wedding of resident hippopotamus, Juwita, and her newfound beau, Jiwang.

wedding of Juwita and Jiwang
wedding of Juwita and Jiwang

The private wedding attended by the theme park’s families and close friends was hosted at Hippo Kingdom with a traditional Malay theme, with much pomp and fanfare.

Juwita was originally from Gaborone, Bostwana, Africa and migrated to Malaysia in 2001. She has lived in LWOT for about 5 years.

Nurul Nuzairi, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, welcomes guests
Nurul Nuzairi, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, welcomes guests

Meanwhile, Jiwang is an alpha hippo who was transferred from a zoo in Pahang in January 2021. After three months of courtship, Jiwang proposed to Juwita to be lifetime partners and Juwita said, “Yes!”


Both Juwita and Jiwang are Nile Hippopotamuses common in Africa. Jiwang is about 8 to 10 years old, and literally weighs a ton, while Juwita is approximately 21 years old, at a massive 1.4 tons.


Some interesting facts about hippos: they spend most of their time in the water, hence their scientific name stands for “River Horse”. Resting in the water helps keep their body temperature low. With so much time spent in the water, hippos can sleep underwater, automatically resurfacing for breath every 3 – 5 minutes without waking up. In fact, hippos even mate and give birth underwater.

Juwita and Jiwang during their courtship
file pic: Juwita and Jiwang during their courtship

The wedding of Juwita and Jiwang launched the exclusive Malay indoor wedding packages of LWOT. Priced at budget-friendly RM55 nett per person, the package includes mini buffet lunch, bottomless Teh Tarik, round tables and chairs setup in the ballroom, VIP table for the bride and groom, as well as the all-important wedding cake. Moreover, the bridal couple will also be entitled to one night’s stay at the Bridal Suite.

On the other hand, non-Malay wedding packages are priced at RM910 per table. The package consists of Chinese set dinner, VIP table setup with private butler, all round tables and chairs setup, free flow cordials, cake, sparkling champagne, beach wedding decorations and complimentary door gifts. The bride and groom are also entitled to the Bridal Suite with flower and chocolate basket.

Syoknya Raya at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun
You are invited to celebrate this heart-warming festive season at the theme park starting from today until 13th June, 2021. Always a leader in creating unique experiences for guests, the theme park is loaded with exciting activities during this “Syoknya Raya” programme, that aims to bring togetherness while spreading cheer despite the challenges that we face during this most uncertain time of COVID-19.

For more information, pricing and schedule, log on to sunwaylostworldoftambun.com

Event: Wedding of Juwita & Jiwang
Venue: Sunway Lost World of Tambun
Date: 21st April, 2021
Time: 6.30pm

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