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Goddess Mazu procession

The grand procession of Goddess Mazu (also known as Queen of Heaven, Empress of Heaven or Goddess of the Sea) from Syeun Hotel in Ipoh to the Pasir Pinji Mazu Temple was the climax of the 4-day puja that was conducted at the ballroom of Syeun Hotel since Dec 29 last year. Over the four days, ... continue reading »

Pu Ti Yan Goddess Madzu Puja

In conjunction with the 65th anniversary of Ipoh Pu Ti Yan, a grand puja for this Buddhist society's guardian deity from China, Goddess Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) is held at Syeun Hotel. This deity of NanSong Dynasty, Queen / Empress of Heaven, whose name is also spelt as Madzu or Matsu, has a 860-year history. Since ... continue reading »

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