Zombie Outbreak @ Big Box, SkyAvenue, RWG

1. Zombie Outbreak
1. Zombie Outbreak

Face your fears and get the sh*t scared out of you at Zombie Outbreak, one of the most frightening attractions at Big Box. This is not suitable for the faint-hearted, those who are pregnant or kids.

2. Help! Dead inside!
2. Help! Dead inside!

Prior to our entrance to Zombie House, we were warned that it would be terrifying, so I psyched myself beforehand. Do take note that it’s pitch-black in the Zombie House, and these photos are for illustration purposes only.

3. it's scary in the Zombie House
3. it’s scary in the Zombie House

Visitors to the Zombie House have a number of rules and regulations to follow: no running, no shoving, no smoking, no beating up zombies, but definitely plenty of screaming is allowed.

4. one of the props
4. one of the props

Scream you will as these zombies are consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh throughout the abandoned building.

5. haunted bedroom
5. haunted bedroom

Experience how it is like to be the last survivors of a nightmare Zombie Apocalypse. Once you go past the entrance, there is no turning back except to look for the exit at the other end of the building. Horror awaits inside.

Let’s see if you can take up the challenge and survive Zombie Outbreak.

Zombie Outbreak
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Admission: RM30 adult / RM25 child (under supervision)

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6 thoughts on “Zombie Outbreak @ Big Box, SkyAvenue, RWG

  1. I agree, this place isn’t suitable for me. Not because i have a weak heart, but I am so vigilant, lol
    Am afraid I might punch either of the zombies, lol

  2. This place looks so fun and a bit scary. I am pretty sure that my son would enjoy this place. He really loves to watch zombie movies.

  3. I was too scared to take photos there. Haha…I just walked fast hoping no zombies jump out and scare me. A good place for those seeking scary adventures.

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