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Yoga Festival 4 Mental Health

Yoga Festival 4 Mental Health

On 13th June, the whole world comes together for a day of Yoga & Meditation. Your very nature is peace. Let your peace change the world.

Yoga is returning to our natural way and state of living. It is connecting back to our own source, experiencing love, peace and joy. With all its multifold techniques, yoga has the ability to peel stress away, so our true nature can shine forth.

Yoga Festival 4 Mental Health

Yoga Festival 4 Mental Health is a whole day FREE EVENT organised by Sri Sri School of Yoga EUROPE, with discussion panels, workshops, classes, and the most diverse sessions led by experts from the whole world. All of them have experienced the power of Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork in their own personal life, as well as in their professional fields of expertise, and will light the way towards mental health in an inspirational and celebratory way.

This year’s festival reunites experts from all these fields:
Education & Youth
Sports, Fitness & Yoga
Ayurveda & lifestyle
Nature & environment

Date: 13th June, 2021
Time: From 5am (UTC+8) (and throughout the whole day!)
Register for free HERE.

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