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Yellow Squares for More Organised Social Distancing at Ipoh Wet Markets

Twelve wet markets in Ipoh have been painted with yellow boxes at the entrance for a more organised queue for market-goers as they wait for their turn to enter the market.

As we continue to practise social distancing during this Movement Control Order (MCO), Ipoh City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) not only ensures that this procedure is observed by everyone at the market but it is done in comfort, too.

In expressing its appreciation to the community for adhering to the new normal of leaving a space of at least one metre between shoppers, MBI hopes that this new method at the wet markets under its jurisdiction offers greater convenience to all.

The wet markets involved are as follows:

1. Pasar Borong (wholesale market)
2. Pasar Bercham
3. Pasar Buntong
4. Pasar Gunung Rapat
5. Pasar Besar Ipoh
6. Pasar Pasir Pinji
7. Pasar Menglembu
8. Pasar Kg. Tawas
9. Pasar Chemor
10. Pasar Kg. Simee
11. Pasar Tanjung Rambutan
12. Pasar Tambun

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