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Wild Wild Rose: The Musical

Wild Wild Rose Musical
1. Zac Koo Ho Ching (L) stars opposite Perry Chiu Woon (R) in Wild Wild Rose: The Musical

If you have a free evening today (Saturday), you should make your way to Ritz Garden Hotel Ipoh to catch Wild Wild Rose: The Musical. Better yet, scratch everything and just GO!

Wild Wild Rose Musical
2. a scene at the nightclub

The musical is presented for two evenings (Friday and Saturday) and I tell you, I was entertained through and through!

Wild Wild Rose Musical
3. Tang Suit Kar (L) teaching her colleague how to attract men

Naturally, these photos were taken during the first show. I apologise for their sub-par quality. No flash was used in the shooting of them. Haha!

Wild Wild Rose Musical
4. Tang Suit Kar (L) in a dispute with the nightclub’s most popular songstress (in blue)

Flown all the way from Hong Kong by Spring Time Group Limited and Perry Chiu Experimental Theatre, Wild Wild Rose: The Musical was also performed in Kuala Lumpur and Penang earlier this week.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
5. Tang Suit Kar (R) tries to seduce piano teacher Leong Hon Wah

This Ipoh stop is the crew’s third and final Malaysian city before returning to Hong Kong. This means that tonight’s show is your last chance to watch it.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
6. Tang Suit Kar (L) tries to seduce Leong Hon Wah

Ipoh theatre lovers now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this romantic tragedy, so grab it! Otherwise, be prepared to fly to China where it will be staged next month.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
7. Leong Hon Wah pledges his loyalty to his fiancée

The musical is in Cantonese with most of the songs in Mandarin. The more than twenty songs performed are all sung live, so it is as pure as a musical could get.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
8. the nightclub manager (R) is also in love with Tang Suit Kar

The heartfelt story-line put the audience at the edge of their seats even as they were captivated by the music and the flurry of dance routines from Cha Cha to Twist, Ballroom, Flamenco and even a Japanese dance, where the lead actress, Perry Chiu Woon, was garbed in a resplendent red kimono.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
9. Tang Suit Kar seduces Leong Hon Wah to the chagrin of the nightclub manager

Based on the over 100-year popular opera, Carmen, which was adapted into a movie in Hong Kong in the 1960s, the story was turned into Wild Wild Rose: The Musical seven years ago.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
10. during one of the few romantic moments

To date, it has already been shown in Hong Kong, Singapore and on SuperStar Virgo Hong Kong‎, over forty times and thus far has entertained some 30,000 audiences.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
11. a night of passion

Featuring a 1960s setting, it tells the story of a nightclub entertainer, played by Perry Chiu Woon, who made a bet with the manager of the nightclub where she works that she could make a piano teacher, played by Zac Koo Ho Ching, fall for her within ten days.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
12. during one of the couple’s happier times

Unbeknownst to her, the piano teacher, who is engaged to be married, had already fallen in love with her. He was intrigued by her as he had never met anyone like her before.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
13. Leong Hon Wah in a depressive bout after being jobless for months upon his release from prison

Little did she know that what began as a game for her turned serious when she reciprocated his feelings.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
14. Tang Suit Kar decides to go back to her former profession as a nightclub entertainer

However, the story-line isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The double love triangle turned tragic in the end. How would the outcome of this obsessive love be? I already know it, so it’s your turn to find out!

Wild Wild Rose Musical
15. the captivating Perry Chiu Woon in a resplendent kimono

Wild Wild Rose: The Musical is directed by Garrick Will Wong and co-directed by Perry Chiu Woon.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
16. Tang Suit Kar found some money through her new job and gives it to her former lover Leong Hon Wah who kept begging her to return to his life

Once again, go and enjoy yourself tonight and don’t let the opportunity of watching such a top-notch international musical performance go to waste! Ticketing information is included below.

Wild Wild Rose Musical
17. the main cast

Disclaimer: Character names are approximates as they are in Chinese.

Tickets: RM50, RM70, RM90 & RM138
*RM138 are limited to 20 tickets per show. Ticket holders will have the privilege to mingle with the cast after the show. Those with RM138 tickets will also receive a gift of an autographed CD.

Note: Parents are advised against bringing along children below six years old as they could distract the other audiences from enjoying the performance.

Wild Wild Rose: The Musical
Venue: Ritz Garden Ballroom (Garden Wing), Ritz Garden Hotel, Ipoh.
Add: 86 & 88, Jalan Yang Kalsom, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.
Date: 18th & 19th September, 2015
Time: 7.30pm

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  1. I went to quite a number of live stage shows before during student time, always enjoyed the excitement and different experiences from watching the big screen 🙂

  2. Thanks Emily for the fantastic writeup. We really appreciate it
    as it is our endeavour to bring top quality entertainement to
    Ipoh. We were indeed fortunate that Director Ko Chi Sum agreed to stop over in Ipoh.

    The pixs were good…..thanks again.

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