Where to Buy New Flavour Mooncakes at Resorts World Genting?

Mid-Autumn Festival is observed on Oct. 4 this year. Do you think that it’s still a long way to the celebration to be talking about it? Time flies so swiftly that before we know it, it’ll be here and gone.

Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is a major Chinese festival in the lunar calendar, I don’t really observe it even though I am Chinese. The only thing I do these days is eat the mooncakes. Too old for lanterns, I guess.

Moreover, instead of looking forward to the mooncakes, I am more excited over the boxes that they come in. These boxes seem to get more and more attractive year by year, don’t you think so?

Chef Gan Chee Keong with his new mooncake flavours
Chef Gan Chee Keong with his new mooncake flavours

Anyway, I usually end up celebrating festivals alone, while travelling. Not sure where I will be this Oct. 4. In case I am at Resorts World Genting, I have already researched on where I can find the most mouth-watering mooncakes in fascinating flavours. If you are in Genting Highlands as well during the season and plan to get a taste of some of the best mooncakes on the mountains, do read on.

Resorts World Genting has prepared some tempting new flavours this year, from snow skin blueberry paste to green tea paste with black sesame jingsa, sweet corn paste with single yolk, white pandan jade with buttermilk custard, dragon fruit paste with coconut jingsa and many more exotic sounding mooncakes

 new flavours of mooncakes
new flavours of mooncakes

New flavours: Top (L to R):
Pu Er Lotus Paste with Dry Mandarin Orange Jingsa – RM19 nett per cake
Sweet Corn Paste with Single Yolk – RM19 nett per cake
Dragon Fruit Lotus Paste With Coconut Jingsa – RM19 nett per cake

New flavours: Bottom (L to R):
White Pandan Jade With Buttermilk Custard – RM19 nett per cake
Green Tea Paste with Black Sesame Jingsa – RM19 nett per cake
Snow Skin Blueberry Paste – RM19 nett per cake

These mooncakes can be purchased from the following locations:

Genting Palace (2nd Floor, Genting Grand Hotel)
Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims Hotel)
Malaysian Food Street (T4, SkyAvenue)
Garden Courtyard (T1, SkyAvenue)
Grab & Win (Level 1, Sky Casino)

Of course, besides these new and exciting flavours, there are also traditional all-time favourites. No matter which rocks your boat, they are available at the above-mentioned locations from Aug 19 to Oct 4, from 12 noon to 8pm.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out as Resorts World Genting mooncakes can also be purchased in the capital city at Wisma Genting and OneHub (next to Resort World Tours ticketing counter). These dedicated kiosks will be set up from Sept 11 to 29 (except weekends and public holidays) from 11am to 4pm.

Enjoy a 30% discount for bulk purchases of mooncakes at a minimum of fifty boxes (each box contains four mooncakes). For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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  1. Kyaaaa…thank you for reminding me that it was about time already for the mooncake festival….
    got to get my friends to buy for me…hehehhe

  2. I like mooncake with egg yolks as it tastier. I prefer green tea or traditional mooncake.

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