What Is Your Car To You?

I read with amusement a confession by a woman who said that she was upset when she found out that her husband bought her a new car without allowing her to choose the car.

Amused because if there was someone who bought a car for me, I would be jumping with joy. I wouldn’t care what make it was, colour, price, specification or whatever! Who cares as long as it was a gift, right?

I wasn’t the only person who thought this way. As her story made the rounds on social media, she received quite a number of comments from netizens who opined that she was unappreciative of the ‘surprise’ by her husband.

To this woman, that’s no surprise at all. She wanted to choose her own car, even if the loan would be serviced by her husband. She is the one who would be driving the vehicle. So, assessing her point of view, I really do sympathise with her.

Still, it all depends on how we look at our car. To her, it is probably something to drive in leisure and pleasure, hence she wanted a car that really pleases her eye.

To me, even if I wanted my car to be painted over with cute characters such as Hello Kitty or Peanuts, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon because I just don’t have that kind of funds to indulge.

My car, to me, at this point, is a work tool. It takes me from Point A to Point B so that I can work. While urbanites these days can live without their own transport thanks to ride hailing services, it is not happening in Ipoh yet because there aren’t that many ride hailing drivers, particularly during odd hours of the day or night. Coupled with not having a fixed route to commute daily, in my case, it is close to impossible to be productive without my own transport.

This brings me to the reason why I need to have my vehicle in tip top condition. I can’t afford any down time, and it is definitely no fun to have the car broken down by the side of the road. Yes, Ipoh is relatively safer but not so much anymore.

Whenever I know that I would be stuck in front of my computer for a few days to settle my backlog of work, especially after a trip, I would send the car to the workshop.

 1. Amsoil Power Steering Fluid
1. Amsoil Power Steering Fluid

This happened after my recent trip to Jordan. I sent the car to my regular workshop as I wanted to change my power steering fluid to Amsoil.

2. draining the old power steering fluid
2. draining the old power steering fluid

If you have read my previous article, Preparing for a Long Road Trip, you would know that I am planning to change all fluid and lubricants of my car to Amsoil brand. I just want my car to use all lubricants, etc. by the same brand. I am OCD like that.

3. filling with new Amsoil Power Steering Fluid
3. filling with new Amsoil Power Steering Fluid

If you ask if I have any brand preference, I don’t. I just want a smooth drive and that is most important. So, Amsoil was what was recommended to me.

4. the entire bottle is used
4. the entire bottle is used

By the way, Amsoil is an American brand well known for its range of top-notch synthetic lubricants, motor oil and fuel additives.

 5. a final check by the mechanic
5. a final check by the mechanic

As I mentioned, since I won’t be using the car for at least a week, I took the opportunity to send it to my regular workshop. It is normally very busy there but I do not mind the time it took since I had no urgent use for it.

Anyway, the car is home now. What does it mean? It means that after being stuck in front of the computer for more than a week, it is time to make a move again. Which part of Perak should I head to next? Your guess is as good as mine!

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10 thoughts on “What Is Your Car To You?

  1. I would love to choose my own car specification too if someone were to get a car for me because I would be driving it. Hope your car gets all the preparation needed for your long road trip.

  2. If i will have my own car, i want it to be spacious inside, like an extension of my dressing room! So I need to send it to car shop for customized. The color, brand is not so important. But the inside of my car would be nice. I wish!

  3. I just need a vehicle to get from point A to point B and well, an old junk does it for me as long as it is in good working condition

  4. i read that confession too! Me too, if someone i love buy me something, i will extremely happy. But diff people, diff perspective maybe?

  5. Is good you maintain your car. Especially when you drive long journey. A smooth drive prevent from any unpredictable accident

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