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Virtual Book Club with author Charles Yu

Virtual Book Club with author Charles Yu

Charles Yu, author of “Interior Chinatown”, joins the L.A. Times Book Club on 27th May for a conversation with Times film critic Justin Chang.

A novelist and television writer, Yu won a 2020 National Book Award for “Interior Chinatown”, a satirical story about the intersection of Hollywood and Asian stereotypes. The National Book Award Foundation called it “a bright, bold, gut punch of a novel.”

Virtual Book Club with author Charles Yu

The story is set in a fictional Chinatown SRO (Single Room Occupancy) where protagonist Willis Wu lives with his family and neighbours, all of them working at Golden Palace, a Chinese restaurant/television set on the ground floor. Yu’s Chinatown “exists in a mental space,” he says, “a kind of collective imagination for Asian Americans who grew up in my generation, feeling like you don’t exist fully inside of America.”

When: 27th May at 7 p.m. Pacific time
Where: This free virtual book club event will be live streaming on the Los Angeles Times Facebook page, YouTube and Twitter.
Bookseller: Diesel, A Bookstore

More info:
Do you have questions for Charles Yu? Share them in advance of book club night by sending email to bookclub@latimes.com

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