Travel Light, Eat Cheap

Friends who have travelled together with me know that I take my “house” along. They often ask me what’s in my hand-carry. Not only is it bulky, it’s as heavy as a cow. I don’t really know what I carry along, I just know that I do need to have them all on hand.

Lately, with AirAsia’s strict enforcement of 7kg combined weight limit on carry-on luggage, I really need to reevaluate what I bring on a trip. Yes, I have a habit of over-packing and that has to change.

1. just what I need to travel light
1. just what I need to travel light

Receiving two bags from Lazada in my Lazada Surprise Box is a blessing that would induce me to pack lighter. One is a Delsey Expert 53cm 4-Wheel Cabin Trolley Case and the other, an American Tourister Kamden Laptop Backpack.

I already have three trolley cases but not one of cabin size. Again, I have quite a few backpacks but this is my first laptop bag that is this slim.

2. my ASUS Transformer fits snugly in the backpack
2. my ASUS Transformer fits snugly in the backpack

It helps that I have earlier purchased handroll vacuum compression storage bags from Lazada. I’ve used them for about two months on my previous trips and I can attest to the fact that they indeed reduce the bulk from my clothes.

See my new A6 notebook water bottle? It fits nicely into the American Tourister Kamden Laptop Backpack.

Also, just when I am planning a trip to Hong Kong, imagine my dismay to read that the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual Worldwide Cost of Living Survey has listed Hong Kong as the second-priciest place to live in, after Singapore.

3. all foodstuff packed and I am ready to go
3. all foodstuff packed and I am ready to go

What does a country’s cost of living have to do with my trip, you may wonder. Well, contrary to many people’s perception, I do pay my own way most of the time, and Hong Kong will most likely be one of those trips.

Oh well, I’ve already got assistance from Lazada with preparing my ration for a good number of days. These snacks and beverages will greatly reduce my meal expenses in Hong Kong, much to my relief.

One thing I’ll definitely do is to stock up on Signature Snack healthy snacks and MAGGI Hot Mealz Curry Laksa Bowl. Yup, I need to fill my tummy as I plan to walk rather than depend on public transport, even though I have heard of the efficiency of the MTR.

Wish me luck on my next adventure!

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14 thoughts on “Travel Light, Eat Cheap

  1. I’ve heard that those vacuum storage bags work wonders! Good luck, and tell us all about this trip when you get home!

  2. There are so many things that you brought, i can’t blame your friends who said you’re bringing your house along haha

  3. Awh I use those vacuum storage bags too – they are great space savers. Great tips 🙂

  4. I’m also planning for a trip and this is a great idea; especially the Nestum. I don’t know why I didn’t think about it before, its light and fulfilling. Anyway the 7kg limit is a hassle, but well since rule is meant to be followed, I guess I’ll have to try hard to not over pack too! hihihi.

  5. about travel light, i dont bring too much food because i’d love to try local food. also, i bring the cloths which i want to throw, after i wear i just leave there!

  6. I also planning to buy a cabin size trolley case. But really, need be careful with the strictly 7kg.

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