Top 10 Reasons Bintan is The Perfect Location for a Vacation Home

As you may be aware, I attended the Thanksgiving dinner of The Haven about a week ago. During the exclusive event, guests were updated on the development of The Haven Ipoh’s sister property, The Haven Lagoi Bay in Bintan.

The Studio Unit (Lake View)
The Studio Unit (Lake View)

From that occasion, I came to note these ten good reasons why Bintan is the perfect location for a vacation home. Here I list them out in random order:

1) An exceptional and pristine location
Bintan is unspoiled and unblemished. Although just 60 minutes from Singapore by regular luxury ferry, it is very much undiscovered among tourists. South of South China Sea, The Haven Lagoi Bay, Bintan sits on a precious site surrounded by three pristine water bodies of sea, river and lake.

2) Protected zone
Lagoi Bay in Bintan is gazetted as a protected zone. It is a contributory factor for its crime-free record for over 20 years.

3) Established destination of choice for sporting events
A popular destination for sports activities, some of the major sporting events hosted here include The Bintan Triathlon, Bintan Marathon, Bintan Ironman Race, Bintan Moon Run, Tour de Bintan, and many more.

The 2-Bedroom Executive (Sea View)
The 2-Bedroom Executive (Sea View)

4) Tourist attractions and activities within reach
Although still unexplored, there are various tourist attractions within reach, from the Komodo Park to temples, safaris, caves, mangrove forests and more.

Visitors to Bintan looking to indulge in activities will be spoilt for choice, from golfing to yachting and zip lining.

5) Free Trade Zone
Bintan is exempted from ordinary import and export duties, Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs sales tax on luxury items. This is no surprise that Bintan is a shopping haven.

6) Strata title ownership for foreigners
Good news to international owners of property in Bintan! Since 2016, the Indonesian law allows direct ownership and the issuance of strata titles to non-Indonesians. This makes it easy and legal for foreigners to purchase a property (or more) in Bintan.

7) Visa-free for 169 countries
Besides visitors from ASEAN countries, guests from a total of 169 countries around the world can enter Indonesia without the need of a visa. Some of these countries are China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, and Middle Eastern countries.

8) Batam – Bintan Bridge
Approximately 6km in length, the proposed bridge connects Batam to Bintan to facilitate commuting between Telaga Punggur in Batam and Tanjung Uban in Bintan. When complete, the drive will only take about 10 minutes.

 The 3-Bedroom Executive (Lake View and Sea View)
The 3-Bedroom Executive (Lake View and Sea View)

9) Connection to the world
A new purpose-built Bintan Resorts International Airport is expected to be fully operational by 2020 to serve 1 million more visitors from around the world to the island yearly.

10) A growing destination
Bintan is expected to grow exponentially, with tourist arrivals projected to increase by 30% annually, to reach 3.5 million per year in the next four years.

With these ten advantages, The Haven Lagoi Bay, Bintan, is easily the vacation home that we have always dreamt of owning.

Video of The Haven, Lagoi Bay Bintan

As mentioned above, it is surrounded by three pristine water bodies, a rare and precious site amidst nature. In addition to the unmatched combination of views and breezes, the all-inclusive family resort is equipped with comprehensive facilities that cater to all generations in a family.

Just like its sister property, The Haven Ipoh, The Haven Lagoi Bay will also be a fully-furnished 5-star luxury resort hotel suites. It will be professionally managed.

At The Haven Lagoi Bay, Bintan, do expect an array of delicious food of various cuisines at friendly prices. As you may be aware, The Haven is noted for its delectable, wholesome and healthy dishes, all at a reasonable price.

Cuisines served include local Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Asian, Western as well as Middle Eastern fare, that would suit any taste bud.

View these photos and video that I have enclosed herewith, of Bintan and The Haven Lagoi Bay project. Interested to invest in this world-class development either for personal use or as an investment? Attractive lease returns are available. Contact its sales team, information listed below.

Call The Haven, Lagoi Bay Bintan team at +65 69097777 or +62 770697777. Alternatively, email for viewing appointment or to register your interest.

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  1. The direct ownership will surely be a good deal for foreingners who want to own a property in a bintan. Besides being crime free and pristine will surely make this haven a new heaven for prospective buyers.

  2. The views from the rooms are beautiful.. spacious too. It’s looks like a great place for a gateway.

  3. 1st time dengar nama Bintan ni.. unik.. bestnya kalau dapat pergi sana.. banyak tempat yang boleh menarik ramai pelancong ke sana.

  4. Wow this is a promising place! I will ask my bf that we go in Bintan and explore this city.

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