Tok Sabri Tukang Cincin

Sabri tukang cincin
1. Sabri (L) the ring maker

I would say that being a regular visitor to craft bazaars not only in Ipoh but KL and wherever I may be, I have seen a good share of craft work.

Sabri tukang cincin
2. Sabri matches and selects the different hardwood for his custom ring

However, during Kembara Kraf Selangor 2015, we were introduced to a ring maker who specialises in “cincin kayu”, or wood rings. Don’t misunderstand; the ring itself can be of any material, but it is set with polished hardwood instead of gemstone.

Sabri tukang cincin
3. Sabri files a small piece of wood to smoothen it

From the rings that were on display, I would say that these rings are more suitable for men. However, I don’t think I have seen any man whom I know wear such a ring. It is believed that the wood has healing properties and is able to provide the wearer with supernatural protection.

Sabri tukang cincin
4. Sabri layers the small pieces of wood to fashion a stone

The proprietor, Sabri bin Yunus, 44, began his wood ring business about eight years ago when his father passed away, having picked up the skills from him earlier on.

Sabri tukang cincin
5. hardwood in place of gemstones

Known among his customers as Tok Sabri, he only established his shop in Kampung Sijangkang, Telok Panglima Garang, Kuala Langat, Selangor some three years ago.

Sabri tukang cincin
6. R-L: the unfinished wood, the hardwood stone, a ring that has already been set

Besides making wood for rings and cleaning rings for customers, Sabri also makes other wood-based craft such as traditional wooden weapons, decorations and carvings.

Sabri tukang cincin
7. a tray of ready-made rings

Contact Tok Sabri at:
Mobile: 014-6629330 / 017-6312839
Facebook: Tok Sabri Tukang Cincin

Sabri tukang cincin
8. a tray of ready-made rings

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  1. Traditional Jewelry making is a dying craft that the younger generations need to take up. A lot of these older generation guys with immense knowledge have no one to pass their knowledge down to because their own children is not interested in them.

  2. Wow! this kind of traditional ring making is gonna distinct soon. nice to have chance to view it live from the maker themself. Thanks for sharing this Emily. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. Whoa. I don’t even know such ring makers still exists. Nowadays if u wanna buy jewelries…all u need to do is go to jewelry shop. This is very interesting.

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