The World Record for Largest Book Pyramid Goes to Perak State Library Corporation & Imagika Sdn. Bhd.

The pyramid of books at Stadium Indera Mulia by the Perak State Library Corporation and Imagika Sdn. Bhd. has broken the world record for the largest book pyramid, which was held by a Luxembourg bookstore chain, Ernster with 63,377 books.

Guinness World Record Ipoh
1. the Guinness World Record (GWR) for the largest book pyramid has been broken by the Perak State Public Library Corporation with 70247 books

Taking forty volunteers a week to catalog, index and stack a three metre tall pyramid of books comprising 70,247 soft cover and hard cover books of all genres, book gathering began some time in August but the actual work only began during Christmas week. Books were borrowed from the Perak State Library Corporation, donated by the public or adopted for orphans.

Bos Gaurus Book Fest Ipoh
2. stacking of books in progress on Christmas Eve

The stacking of books looked easy. However, as this was an attempt at the world record, it required stringent documentation in accordance with the rules set by the Guinness World Records body. It was a tiresome layer-by-layer process that included photo and video-taking.

Guinness World Record Ipoh
3. the process of indexing and documenting the attempt

According to Hezle Helan, the Chief Executive Officer of Imagika Sdn. Bhd., due to several challenges faced by his team, they almost gave up on the attempt. “At one point, we thought we didn’t have enough of books. Also, due to the stress of working around the clock, we were at the point of throwing in the towel. Our morale was the lowest that day before the GWR representative Anna Lewis Orford was due to arrive to adjudicate our pyramid. Thankfully, we managed to recruit four more volunteers.”

Bos Gaurus Book Fest Ipoh
4. book sale

The record-breaking feat, with the theme Project: Book Pyramid Guinness World Record, was part of the inaugural Bos Gaurus Book Fest, which has the ambition to grow as large as the Big Bad Wolf. The 5-day book fest was launched by DYAM Raja DiHilir Perak Raja Iskandar Dzulkarnain.

Bos Gaurus Book Fest Ipoh
5. entertainment at Bos Gaurus Book Fest

It was a pity that the world’s largest free-standing pyramid was dismantled at the end of the book fest. Books were then returned to their rightful owners, while some would be donated to village libraries and orphanages.

Bos Gaurus Book Fest Ipoh
6. fair ground in conjunction with Bos Gaurus Book Fest

Nevertheless, now that Imagika Sdn. Bhd. and their media public relations partner Bugz Studio have gained the experience in getting a spot in the Guinness World Records, they are ready for another challenge, and are open to proposals or engagement to assist, in another attempt to enter the book of world records.

Event: Bos Gaurus Book Fest
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Date: 22nd – 26th Dec, 2015
Time: full day

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  1. Wow congrats to them and for making their mark on the world books. And its a good gesture for those who have donated their books.

  2. Buku untuk dibacakah atau dibuat pyramid? Apakah dengan pyramid buku negara kita akan lebih maju ataupun dapat memupuk tabiat suka membaca di kalangan masyarakat kita?

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