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Eran The Bubble Man

The UK Bubble Show Wows Asia in Ipoh

Loud cheers, claps, and happy screams filled the ballroom of WEIL Hotel during the 2-day UK Bubble Show, performed by Eran The Bubble Man. Eran is a multiple Guinness World Record holder for, among other records, putting a person in a bubble for the longest duration, at 63 seconds. His model in the feat was none other than his wife.

Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

Organised by Persatuan Seni Tarian dan Pendidikan Antarabangsa (PSTPA) and supported by the Perak State Government, Tourism Perak, plus Ipoh City Council, the UK Bubble Show came to Asia for the very first time and Ipoh was chosen as the stage. Launched by YB Loh Sze Yee, Chairman of Tourism, Industry, Investment & Corridor Development Committee of the Perak State Government, hundreds of underprivileged children were sponsored to watch the show, a unique blend of edutainment that brought together education, magic, clowning, storytelling and bubble art for wholesome entertainment and interactive fun.

Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

Eran The Bubble Man was indeed in his element as the top bubble artiste in the world, as he evoked laughter not only from the young but also the young at heart, with mere soapy bubbles that were blown into many different sizes, even shapes. There were four 90-minute shows over those two days. It was on the second day that a new Guinness World Record was set when Eran successfully placed 16 individuals in a giant bubble for 30 seconds, right here in Ipoh. This record will take 12 weeks to be confirmed by Guinness World Record.

Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

After his performances on the first day, Eran enthused, “I’m extremely excited to be in Ipoh. It’s such a lovely city with an engaging and encouraging audience. I can’t wait to perform again.”

The Salvation Army was one of the homes invited to watch the UK Bubble Show. Major Chelvee, social and community service officer of the home said, “Events like these are important for our children’s mental health as they bring hope and add joy to them. We want to continue to provide a positive quality of life so that they can give back to the community. We truly appreciate this sponsorship by the Perak State Government and the efforts of the organisers for this memorable time for our children.”

Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

The UK Bubble Show is in line with Perak Government’s vision to promote Perak as a hub for educultural tourism. YB Loh Sze Yee said, “This show of global repute not only attracts local residents, as well as international and expatriate visitors into and within Perak, stimulating the tourism industry, it also opens doors to world opportunities.”

Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

Audrey Kwan, President of PSTPA said, “I believe arts and culture play a great role in human development. Educational events such as the UK Bubble Show bring international exposure to our children, build confidence and stimulate creativity; and can be linked to freedom in education while promoting a positive standard of living.”

PSTPA provides international exposure to the community by promoting arts, culture and education through productions, workshops, international student exchanges, scholarships and talent scouting. For more information on arts and dance training, contact +6018-7750268 or visit PSPTA Facebook or Instagram.

Video: Ipoh 2022 The UK Bubble Show

Evidently, the UK Bubble Show has reintroduced Ipoh as a centre for arts, culture, and edutainment, just in time to kickstart Visit Ipoh Year 2023.

Event: The UK Bubble Show by Eran The Bubble Man
Venue: WEIL Hotel, Ipoh
Date: 20th & 21st Dec, 2022
Time: 12 noon, 3.30pm, 8pm

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