The Self-Love Habit Masterclass

You are invited to an uplifting 60-Minute interactive, inspirational & practical virtual workshop to celebrate the launch of The Self-Love Habit by Fiona Brennan.

Best-selling author Fiona Brennan will be joined by Miriam Keirns Hussey (Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner) and Keith Walsh (Radio & TV Broadcaster) who together will bring you on a journey to fall in love with yourself.

Learn the real-life tools to show you HOW to create authentic self-esteem and discover why self-love is the most selfless love of all.

The one-hour workshop encompasses:

Movement for self-love
Incorporating Fiona’s four powerful self-love habits – Listen, Open, Value, Energise – Miriam Keirns Hussey will guide you through a gentle and energising class on movements for self-love. Miriam will help you to physically soothe anxiety and create calmness.

Conversations for self-love
Hear from broadcaster Keith Walsh as he shares his transformational journey to self-love and discover what he would say to his eight-year-old self today.

Hypnotherapy for self-love
Discover the transformative powers that hypnotherapy can have in cementing the habit of self-love in your day-to-day life, as Fiona leads you through a powerful 10-minute meditative hypnotherapy session that will plant the seed of self-love in your subconscious mind.

Register for The Self-Love Habit Masterclass now and transform fear and self-doubt into serenity, peace and power.

Remember this masterclass is all about YOU! Be sure to find a quiet spot in your home & wear something comfy for movement.

Date & time:
27th Feb 2021 @ 18:30 – 19:30 (+08 UTC)

Register HERE.

With love

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