The Kellie’s Castle Night Tour is Back!

In conjunction with Halloween, observed on the night of 31st October annually, the much-awaited, spine-chilling Night Tour of Kellie’s Castle is being organised every Friday and Saturday during the entire month of October, i.e. on 5th & 6th, 12th & 13th, 19th & 20th and 26th & 27th.

poster: Kellie's Castle Night Tour
poster: Kellie’s Castle Night Tour

For just RM10 (MyKad holders) or RM20 (foreign visitors), get a four-hour bloodcurdling experience that you will never forget for the rest of your life. I bet it’s totally worth every sen!

Do take note, those who are pregnant, who are suffering from heart issues, and minors, are advised not to participate in the tour.

About Kellie’s Castle
Reputedly haunted by William Kellie-Smith and his family, there have been sightings of their spirits roaming the castle-like property that was built by the Scots planter in 1915 for this wife.

 Kellie's Castle
Kellie’s Castle

It was unfortunate that Kellie-Smith passed away from a mysterious illness before the abode was completed, hence it was left in ruins, further intensifying the sense of mystery that shrouds the property.

Shrill screaming in the middle of the night, banging doors and sightings of the apparition of Kellie-Smith’s young daughter are just some of the paranormal activities rumoured to have been detected at this half-built castle in Batu Gajah, Perak.

Kellie’s Castle is one of the Top 5 haunted places in Malaysia. What are the other four? Here they are, in random order.

Pudu Jail, Kuala Lumpur
Said to be THE most haunted site in the country, Pudu Jail, established in 1895, housed many a convict.

 Pudu Jail (photo credit: Time Out)
Pudu Jail (photo credit: Time Out)

Record shows that numerous executions were conducted between 1933 and 1960.

Following its closure in 1996 with the completion of a new, larger prison complex in Sungai Buloh and relocation, Pudu Jail became a major draw for curious locals and tourists alike, who were keen to personally encounter the weird voices and heavy footsteps said to occur in the dark of the night.

Pudu Jail may have been demolished sans its façade, but beware, those lost spirits may still wander around.

Mona Fandey’s House, Pahang
Maznah Ismail, who went by the stage name Mona Fandey, was a singer-turned-shaman, who committed a murder most foul at her house in Raub, Pahang, in a witchcraft gone awry on an ambitious senior politician, Datuk Mazlan Idris, in the East Coast state of Pahang.

 the hole where Datuk Mazlan's body was buried in (photo credit: Rojak Daily)
the hole where Datuk Mazlan’s body was buried in (photo credit: Rojak Daily)

In the 1993 incident, Datuk Mazlan’s body was skinned and dismembered into 18 pieces, then buried in an underground hole 1.8m deep, beneath the storeroom of an uncompleted house.

Mona Fandey, her husband and their assistant were hanged to death at Kajang Prison, eight years after the murder. Story has it that the spirit of Mona Fandey not only haunts the place of her death, but also the murder scene.

Villa Nabila, Johor
The spookiest site down south has got to be Villa Nabila, a derelict bungalow perched on Bukit Serene in Danga Bay, overlooking the Straits of Johor.

Villa Nabila (photo credit:
Villa Nabila (photo credit:

Villa Nabila came under the spotlight in 2013 when a teenager was reported to have gone missing after entering the villa’s grounds. It turned out to be a misadventure. Nonetheless, rumours abound in the hauntedness of the half-a-century-old property.

Urban legends surround Villa Nabila, but the most believable is possibly about the child, Nabila, who was murdered by a guardian greedy for her inheritance, after the unexpected death of her parents.

Amber Court, Genting Highlands
Thousands of metres above sea level, Amber Court is infamous for its creepiness and ghostly encounters experienced by visitors to the apartment.

Amber Court (photo credit: Libur)
Amber Court (photo credit: Libur)

Many were unable to spend an entire night there due to alleged disturbances, yet there were some guests who sensed nothing. It does not help that rumours swirl around that a number of deaths had occurred at this building.

The negative force here is indeed strong, so much so that a horror flick featuring an A-list cast from Malaysia, Thailand and China, was filmed here in 2016. The movie, Haunted Hotel, is about a Chinese tourist who unwittingly checked into one of Asia’s most haunted hotels.

The Challenge
So, there we have it, five sites said to be the most haunted in Malaysia. Whether these paranormal experiences are true or false, explainable, or can be refuted with scientific reasoning, there is no denying that we share this earth with supernatural forms, especially during Halloween. The question now is, knowing the above facts/fallacies, who still dares to visit? Do you?

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