Terengganu Fish Crackers (Keropok Keping)

keropok Terengganu
1. Nuar takes a bite of the crunchy fish cracker

It is said that if you are in Tererngganu and do not try all of their special delicacies, your visit is not valid. What are the delicacies, you may ask. Top off my head is Nasi Dagang, then there is Keropok Lekor and of course, Keropok Keping.

keropok Terengganu
2. preparing the fish by cleaning (top right) and deboning (bottom right)

keropok Terengganu
3. fish flesh is mixed in the grinder

In my previous two posts yesterday and the day before, I wrote about the two economic contributors of KODESAL, or Koperasi Desa Alor Limbat. This Keropok Keping cottage business is also one of their economic activities.

keropok Terengganu
4. flour is added into the pot

keropok Terengganu
5. kneading the dough

I had the opportunity to visit their mini factory recently and witnessed for myself the entire process of making both types of Keropok Keping – fried and boiled.

keropok Terengganu
6. 2kg blocks of fish crackers

keropok Terengganu
7. blocks of fish crackers are placed into the boiler to be boiled

Obviously, fried crackers are everyone’s favourite because the boiled version is a taste to be acquired over time. Not everyone has a liking for it but those who know how to appreciate it can’t live without it.

keropok Terengganu
8. 2kg blocks of fish crackers

keropok Terengganu
9. slicing crackers using a machine

During my recent trip to Terengganu, I brought home with me FOUR large packets of Keropok Keping…. to be fried and savoured at home in Ipoh, imagining myself by the beach of Redang.

keropok Terengganu
10. arranging the slices of fish crackers to be sun dried

keropok Terengganu
11. arranging the slices of fish crackers to be sun dried

Keropok Keping is just not the same as our prawn crackers – one is made from fish, the other is made from the essence of prawns. Yes, I know. 🙂

keropok Terengganu
12. local women pack the fish crackers into plastics bags to be sold

keropok Terengganu
13. fish crackers produced by Koperasi Desa Alor Limat, Terengganu

Besides fish that has been deboned, other ingredients used to make Keropok Keping are sago flour, salt, ice and Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Oh, yes! As you can see, it is not for everyone!

Koperasi Desa Alor Limbat Marang Berhad (KODESAL)
Add: No. 4, Tingkat Bawah, Dataran Sri Limbat, Kampung Alor Limbat, 21400 Marang, Terengganu.
Tel: 09-6193060
Email: kodesal12@gmail.com

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9 thoughts on “Terengganu Fish Crackers (Keropok Keping)

  1. I actually quite like the boiled version because am not a fan of fried food. I love love love keropok from Terengganu and Kelantan! So yummy

  2. wah…looks like there are plenty of work involved to make the slices 🙂 no wonder those from terengganu taste so good!

  3. I grew up in Terengganu and this is my absolutely favourite food! Keropok. Do you know there is chinese keropok in terengganu too? its steamed and is served with belachan.

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