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Talk to Anyone With Ease and Confidence

Learn how to communicate confidently with anyone and build the relationships you want!

Talk to Anyone With Ease and Confidence

Do you feel that you have unhealthy communication? Or do you feel that no matter how hard you try you can’t avoid arguments? Is your relationship with someone you care about getting damaged due to poor communication?

In this free webinar, the hosts discuss the underlying reasons on why it can be difficult to listen, why you can easily get triggered by others, how to keep your composure and avoid saying the wrong things that escalate arguments.

Effective communication and good listening skills are key to true happiness and success in life and relationships. You’ll learn simple yet highly effective tools that will boost your communication skills and help to avoid conflicts and arguments!

Many of us realize we have some difficulties in communication, but we don’t know how to stop the problems. You’ll learn solutions to the following communication troubles:
– Shutting down
– Blowing up
– Getting worked up
– Saying things you regret
– Getting distant after an argument
– Having arguments
– Having the same argument over and over
– Not being able to understand other people’s viewpoints
– Having a hard time connecting

Learn how you can break the cycle of communication failures and the impact it is having on your life and relationships.

Date & time: 8 Sept, 2021 (10am – 11am UTC+8)
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