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Art for Awareness: Creative Arts Workshop

Jul 18, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - HUAWEI P20 PRO

Ipohites who are interested to get in touch with their inner artist may do so in a new series of workshops hosted by Lahat Road YMCA at their current premises, 15 Clarke Street along Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil. In collaboration with Art for Awareness, these workshops are facilitated by Alice Ng through a relaxing session of ... continue reading »

Ipoh also Got Talent 2011 finals

That's right! Ipoh also got talent! After closely following three intensive rounds of the inaugural competition, I can safely say that. Although there could only be one winner, I would say that most contestants are talented; some just need a little more time to polish it. On finals night, the twelve finalists stepped up their performances ... continue reading »

Ipoh Also Got Talent 2011 preliminary round

Britain's got talent? Ipoh also got! However, to be fair, this contest is open to anyone in Malaysia between the ages of ten and thirty. Well, it should have been called ‘Malaysia also Got Talent’, huh? The preliminary round was held on 19th Nov, 2011 and from the 37 acts, 24 made it to the ... continue reading »

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