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Posts tagged 'Visit Terengganu Year 2013'

Warung Otak-Otak Che Wan

The first time I had the otak-otak and sata at this Che Wan Stall in Chukai, Kemaman was when I participated in the Malaysia Tourism Hunt last year, and we had a food challenge here. I am not an expert in otak-otak or sata. Well, according to my friends, the otak-otak here may be smaller, but ... continue reading »

Hai Peng coffee Chukai Kemaman Terengganu

Kedai Kopi Hai Peng (Hai Peng Kopitiam) started life back in 1940. This coffee shop reminds me of Ipoh's Nam Chau, the original Old Town Kopitiam. The founder has since passed the business to his son. Although they have no intention to set up a franchise business, they are going to open a second outlet ... continue reading »

Mehram Hotel

Mehram Hotel derived its name from the combination of the names of the parents of the owner, Murliadi Mehammad. The hotel, which was opened for business on Jan 10, 2013, has a total of 38 rooms on two floors. There are three types of rooms; Presidential Suite, Family and Superior. Although basic, this hotel is ... continue reading »

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