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Sg Tiang Royal Belum

The Royal Belum, one of the greatest natural treasures of Perak, is located at the upper corner of Perak state. Visitors are required to obtain a permit from the Royal Belum State Park to enter the area, also known as Upper Belum. There are currently four base camps here. The photos I am sharing in this ... continue reading »

Kampung Aman Damai Royal Belum

Visitors to Kampung Aman Damai in Royal Belum (Upper Belum) will surely get thrown back in time. My visit to Kampung Aman Damai, which I liken to Robinson Crusoe's island, was an eye-opening experience. Seeing the conditions of the village, a city girl like me wonders how one can live there at all. Well, a short stay ... continue reading »

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