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Upper East Tiger Lane CNY Carnival

It was a day of fun and laughter at the sales gallery of Upper East @ Tiger Lane on the second day of the Lunar New Year. For 12 full hours, guests, their family and friends streamed through the gates to participate in a host of activities that were especially lined up for them on this ... continue reading »

launch of Andaman Upper East Tiger Lane Ipoh

The Andaman Group has always brought class to all its functions and events, from the gathering of vintage automobiles and supercars to the diamonds given out on media nights. At the official launch of the developer's latest residential property project called Upper East @ Tiger Lane on December 14, the company brought in 57 of the ... continue reading »

Andaman Supercars Charity Drive

The selected 14 children from Anning Children's Home Ipoh almost had to pinch themselves awake when they had the golden opportunity to be driven around the city in supercars, cars that they chose. The kids, aged from 2 to 16 were rewarded for their good behaviour and academic performance. As part of property developer Andaman Group's ... continue reading »

Andaman Media Night

It was a night of merriment with free flow of food and beer at Andaman Group's Media & Networking Night at the sales gallery of the company's latest residential development, Upper East, off Tiger Lane in Ipoh. The heavy downpour throughout the afternoon and evening did not put a damper on the mood, as friends from ... continue reading »

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