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Opening of AEON Ipoh Station 18

Apr 7, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Landmarks, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre

I did not go to AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre on the day it opened (29th March, 2012) but couldn't resist visiting it before the week was out. Luckily, parking was a breeze and the crowd was sparse; hence, I was able to shoot my photos in peace. As you can guess, this is ... continue reading »

AEON Ipoh Station 18

Here's a look at the new AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre. Of course, I didn't have the opportunity to enter the complex because it is not ready yet, but it looks impressive from the outside. The AEON Ipoh Station 18 Shopping Centre is the 29th AEON store in Malaysia and is said to be ... continue reading »

Choy Sun

I got to know of this Chinese New Year event at the last minute. I don't usually go over to the Pengkalan side of Ipoh, you see. This event was sponsored by Keris Properties, a leading property development company in Ipoh. This is the company that brought forward-thinking architectural designs to Ipoh. This event wasn't ... continue reading »

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