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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2011

After a day of rest yesterday, hockey tournament resumes at the Stadium Azlan Shah (hockey stadium) in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I was only able to catch two matches today. Frankly, three matches a day is almost hockey overdose for me. Australia's match against South Korea (Match 14 of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2011 hockey tournament) ... continue reading »

Malaysia lawan India hoki

I thought I took a lot of pictures of Match 12 (Malaysia vs. India) when I went to watch hockey at Stadium Azlan Shah last evening. It was Day 5 of men's international field hockey tournament and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup is at stake. It turns out that I don't have many pictures to ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2011 Ipoh

I have hockey photos to share with you from the match between Australia and Pakistan (Day 5 Match 10). Australia won 5-1. This means that Pakistan has lost two matches in a row, conceding the top spot on the table for now. GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING… GO TO PAGE 3 FOR MORE PHOTOS… Event: 20th ... continue reading »

Black Sticks

Here are some photos of Match 9 on 8th May, 2011, between New Zealand (Black Sticks) and South Korea. I was disappointed actually, because I expected a tighter match considering that New Zealand, or better known as Black Sticks, is ranked World No. 7 while Korea is at World No. 6. At the end of ... continue reading »

Pakistan vs Great Britain

I know a lot of Pakistan hockey fans are looking forward to watching video highlights of Pakistan vs. Great Britain even though their team lost this match 2-3. Never mind, Pakistan still played thrillingly, if I, an inexperienced new hockey fan, may say so. I am sorry I am not able to bring you hockey video ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

I had to give Match 4 (South Korea vs. Pakistan) and Match 5 (India vs. Great Britain) a miss because the sun was scorching this afternoon. To be frank, I think that teams like Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand are at a disadvantage when they play in the early evening because I don't think ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

After days of tropical thunderstorms, the skies finally cleared for the first day of the 20th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Men's International Tournament 2011 which kicked off today at Stadium Azlan Shah (hockey stadium) in Ipoh, Perak. This is the 20th edition of the tournament since its inception in 1983 and this year we have teams ... continue reading »

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