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Monday's quickie lunch was at the new Blue Mountain Café in Greentown. This one-month old café is still unproven among my foodie friends, but it's OK, let me be the first to try. I have to say, what attracted me to this eatery initially was its name. However, setting foot in Blue Mountain, I was surprised ... continue reading »


To all lovers of spicy food, I have good news for you. Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar, as far as I am aware, is the only restaurant in Greentown Avenue that serves authentic spicy Indian curries that have 'oomph' in them and, for a change, are not salty. Even better news, for an air-conditioned restaurant, prices are ... continue reading »

Symphony Suites Hotel lunch

A Malaysian is not a Malaysian if he or she doesn't crave for local food once in a while. I do too, but I don't like coming out from a typical eatery after my meal smelling like food myself. So when Symphony Suites Hotel's coffee house started this set lunch promotion where patrons have a choice ... continue reading »

Impiana Hotel Ipoh Power Set Lunch

In a bold move, Impiana Hotel Ipoh has put its lunch buffet line on sabbatical and introduced this new Power Set Lunch beginning 11th June, 2012, for one month. Starter of the Day At an attractive price of only RM18 nett per person, this 3-Course Power Set Lunch comes with a choice of five main courses. Starter ... continue reading »

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