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Ipoh's popular home-grown café chain, STG Café, has expanded its wings to Kuala Lumpur, bringing, for the first time, some of its delicious signature culinary selections to folk in the capital city. STG Café, which has three outlets in Ipoh and one in Taiping (Perak), has already established a name for itself since 2013 and is ... continue reading »

Featuring a Balinese resort feel, Little Elephant serves Asian fusion cuisine. Although this café is in my neighbourhood, I have not been there until recently when I got wind that the menu and services have improved by leaps and bounds upon a change in management. As you can see from these photos, my family and I ... continue reading »

Sabah Tea Garden Boutique Café Ipoh Old Town

The revival of Ipoh's Old Town has certainly seen a progressive growth in dining choices. One of the options in this area is STG Boutique Café, spotting an eye-catching English colonial concept with a touch of modernism. Opened last September, the café, which takes up two shop fronts, including the corner lot, offers a range of mainly ... continue reading »

Sabah Teh PeztFree KRI 12km Run 2011

Oct 10, 2011 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - Samsung ST600, Sports
Sabah Teh PeztFree KRI 12km Run 2011

Made my way to Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz (Pologround) early Sunday morning to get some shots of the Sabah Teh PeztFree KRI 12km Run 2011. It rained throughout the night but luckily, it stopped just in time for the run to proceed smoothly at 7am. Hundreds of people had already converged at the starting ... continue reading »

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