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Rendang Tok Mak Nik is not a new name for those who love the traditional spicy beef fare. Established by the late Pn. Hajjah Napsiah Yeop Abdullah (Mak Nik) in 1959, demand for Rendang Tok Mak Nik has seen a ten-fold increase this Ramadan and Syawal. To cope with the sales, besides increasing their normal monthly ... continue reading »

rendang tok Aini

Despite objection from her husband, Puan Maizul Aini Bt. Hj. Meor Yahya persevered in her home business of cooking and selling Rendang Tok. Twenty years since starting this small enterprise, and eight years after moving to her current factory in Tambun's Halal Park, Puan Maizul is the proud owner of a range of food products that ... continue reading »

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