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Create Memories To Be Cherished Through The Year

Feb 7, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

We're into the Year of the Earth Dog already since 4th Feb, the beginning of Spring, although technically, Chinese New Year is only celebrated on 16th Feb around the world. Well, why wait that long when we can start celebrating right away? If you are hosting a Chinese New Year event and running out of ideas, ... continue reading »

Cuba live band

As New Year countdown celebrations were cancelled throughout Malaysia due to the worst flooding in the country's history, I found myself at Impiana Hotel Ipoh's The Bistro for the second night to enjoy the live band. It's usually a three-piece band but on New Year's Eve, the three ladies who call themselves Latina Connection were joined ... continue reading »


To all lovers of spicy food, I have good news for you. Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar, as far as I am aware, is the only restaurant in Greentown Avenue that serves authentic spicy Indian curries that have 'oomph' in them and, for a change, are not salty. Even better news, for an air-conditioned restaurant, prices are ... continue reading »

After 5 Symphony Suites live band

This long Chinese New Year weekend, After 5 Bar Lounge at Symphony Suites will be featuring a 2-piece live band. A female singer, on a daily rotational basis, will be accompanied by Joe on the keyboard and guitar. Joe is also a singer himself. Selection of music will be popular tracks from oldies to contemporary, ... continue reading »

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