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UO Chinese New Year celebration

UO Superstore at Ipoh's newly renovated Angsana Mall (formerly Greentown Mall), celebrated Chinese New Year early, with a double lion dance performance one recent evening. The troupe of two lions made a round in the supermarket. It is said that the ferocious lions and the din created from banging of drums and cymbals would chase away ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo Chinese New Year celebration

The tradition of celebrating Chinese New Year on the third day of the lunar new year was followed through by Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association, yesterday. Members of the association and their family members, from near and far, gathered at Wisma Chinwoo early to catch up with old friends. Although their jobs may have taken ... continue reading »

Impiana Hotel Ipoh CNY

Chinese New Year was celebrated in grand style this year at Impiana Hotel Ipoh, not only with the energetic prancing of lions and the graceful dragon dance inside the hotel building and compound, provided by top lion dance troupe in town, Chin Woo Ipoh. To the delight of invited guests, hotel guests, and curious onlookers, there ... continue reading »

Hoong Tuck Lion Dance Association Teluk Intan

This performance of two lion dancing on poles was presented to us by Hoong Tuck Lion Dance Association of Teluk Intan, Perak. The boys and girls came all the way to Ipoh Parade, Ipoh, and displayed their skills in lion dancing. Two young girls were behind the lion cub dance, which was as impressive as ... continue reading »

dragon dance Ipoh Chin Woo

This dragon dance performance by Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association wraps up my series of posts about the association's various performances for the past week. It was an amazing display of dragon dancing skills. I could watch this a thousand times and still be in awe each time. Check out my video below. Video (below): ... continue reading »

North lion dance performance

Purposely went to Ipoh Parade to catch the North Lion Dance Performance by Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association. Luckily I arrived before schedule as the show started ten minutes early!I shall not write lengthily as I am enclosing a video of the entire performance. It is a pity that the stage was a little ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo appreciation night

It was "filial piety night" yesterday at Chin Woo auditorium, organised by Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association. It involved more than 80 performers spanning over three generations, and 130 supporting crew behind the scene. The main reason behind last night's performance was to provide a platform for Ipoh Chin Woo members and students to ... continue reading »

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