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Qistina Wood Craft

Operating Qistina Wood Craft from the back of his house in Beranang, Selangor, is wood carver / sculptor, Rostam Affandi Abdul Rashid. It was a bold step taken by Rostam back in 1994, leaving a cozy government job to venture full-time into wood crafting. It's all the more surprising to learn that this engineer had ... continue reading »

English cottage

Behind the unassuming façade of Rostam and his wife's house in Beranang, Selangor, is an "English Cottage" style home. Plenty of time, money and energy had been spent on it, I can see. Rostam is a wood carver who runs Qistina Wood Craft, and during a visit to his workshop, which is situated at the back ... continue reading »

Palm Spa

Travelling can be tiring. I have friends who tell me they need to take holidays to recover from their holidays. Hah! Does it make sense? I make about two trips out of Ipoh a month and with a tight schedule to meet, these trips can be rather strenuous. I never had the luxury of a ... continue reading »

Anthurium Suite

On my second visit to Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City, I was lucky enough to be assigned the suite. As you can already guess, it's something that I must share with you. It's too lovely not to! My previous room was the Heliconia, which you can view HERE. This premier accommodation unit is ... continue reading »

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