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Institut Kraf Negara (IKN) or National Craft Institute (NCI) is a learning institute that provides craft skills training, from rattan weaving to wood carving, batik printing, ceramics, silverware, embroidery, and more. From as early as 1967, craft skills training was already introduced in this country under the auspices of Crafts Development Centre. It has been a ... continue reading »

The Malay Customs and Heritage Corporation Selangor (PADAT) presented the longest Tekat Gubah Bunga Tanjung in Malaysia, measuring 9m X 0.91m. This impressive work of embroidery has earned a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for the Longest Handmade Embroidery. This initiative, a cooperation between PADAT and the Society of Craft and Hand Embroidery Making ... continue reading »

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