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The Contributor Award

A press conference was held yesterday afternoon, where members of the media in Ipoh were briefed on the inaugural The Contributor Award 2012. Besides the announcement of the awardee list, the trophy was also revealed for the first time. This is an award that is conferred for the first time in the country, whereby business leaders ... continue reading »

PUMM Night of Appreciation-cum-Networking

Jun 14, 2012 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events
Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia PUMM

It was a night of appreciation-cum-networking for almost 80 members of Malaysia Entrepreneurs' Development Association, previously known as Young Entrepreneurs' Association Malaysia. It is more popularly known by its abbreviation in Bahasa Malaysia, PUMM, which stands for Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia (formerly Program Usahawan Muda Malaysia). This dinner function held in the Great Miner Chinese Cuisine ... continue reading »

S.H.E. De La Mode

S.H.E. Expo 2012 may have opened on Friday but the launching ceremony was on Saturday afternoon. Although it was a simple affair, it was very meaningful to me. That's because 25 students from SK Marian Convent, my Alma mater, gathered on stage, like a choir, and introduced, Upin & Ipin-like, the many interesting tourist spots ... continue reading »

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