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My friends from Ipoh Chin Woo gave a public performance of their Northern Lion followed by a dragon dance at Ipoh Parade yesterday evening. I decided at the last minute to support them with my presence. As you can see, I didn't take many photos because I just wanted to appreciate their skill which I rarely ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo Public Performance

Feb 10, 2014 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150
Ipoh Chin Woo public performance

Shoppers at Ipoh Parade were treated to a spirited set of cultural performances by the young members of Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association (Ipoh Chin Woo), consisting of drums presentation and a double lion and dragon dances. Although the drums and dragon dance performances were the association's usual showcase, albeit using new drum sets, the lion ... continue reading »

dragon dance Ipoh Chin Woo

This dragon dance performance by Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association wraps up my series of posts about the association's various performances for the past week. It was an amazing display of dragon dancing skills. I could watch this a thousand times and still be in awe each time. Check out my video below. Video (below): ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo folk dances

These folk dance performances by students from Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association were part of the show at Ipoh Parade that wushu exponents from the same association showcased their martial arts skills in conjunction with Chinese New Year. Once again, these Chinese folk dance routines were performed at Ipoh Chin Woo’s “filial piety night” ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo wushu performance

These wushu performances were part of Ipoh Parade's Chinese New Year highlights. Young wushu exponents from Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association displayed their martial arts skills to the public. Video (below): Ipoh Chin Woo Wushu Performance 1 I've watched these routines before at Ipoh Chin Woo's "filial piety night" a month ago, but don't mind watching ... continue reading »

North lion dance performance

Purposely went to Ipoh Parade to catch the North Lion Dance Performance by Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association. Luckily I arrived before schedule as the show started ten minutes early!I shall not write lengthily as I am enclosing a video of the entire performance. It is a pity that the stage was a little ... continue reading »

Ipoh Chin Woo Cultural Night Cantonese Opera

Chinese opera dates back to over a thousand years and used to be entertainment enjoyed only by a privileged few. Cantonese opera, in particular, has a history of more than eight hundred years. As a Cantonese, it is disheartening to see that this cultural art form isn't getting the kind of appreciation it deserves, even ... continue reading »

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