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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

India and Pakistan have always been arch rivals, therefore this match was looked forward to by many hockey fans. I understand that not only did Malaysia broadcast this match live on TV through Astro, so did India and Pakistan. If not for the rain and the early hour, many more fans from both countries would ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012

This was a match that I really looked forward to. New Zealand (in black) has been showing their dominance since the beginning of the tournament. Yet, they failed to overcome Great Britain (in white) in this match. See, I don't have many photos to share as I was too busy watching the game! We are already ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012

For Match 13 between Argentina (in black/blue) and India (in white), I have plenty of photos to share - simply because I have many good shots. I don't want to pick and choose, so indulge me! For this match, the action only started in the second half, with Argentina scoring two goals a minute a part. ... continue reading »

SAS 2012 photos

Every time the Malaysian team plays, the stadium is full. Match 12 was no exception. With the ruckus the fans made, I pitied the opponents! In Match 12, India put in two goals in the net very early in the game. I expected the goals margin to be a lot wider but somehow, the Malaysian boys ... continue reading »

SAS 2012 men’s field hockey

Match 11 was the second game for the day. As said, I have no favourite team and no preference for which game I cover. I just drop by the stadium as and when I am able to. This match was between Great Britain (in red) and Argentina (in white/blue). Argentina is quite a strong team. ... continue reading »

men’s international field hockey Ipoh

Whilst I would like to bring you photos of every hockey match being played during this 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup (men's field hockey tournament) held here in my hometown, Ipoh from 24th May to 3rd June, 2012, I am not able to because of other commitments. Nevertheless, I try to do my best! So after ... continue reading »

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

For the second year, albeit with a slight delay, I am bringing you coverage on the hockey action at Stadium Azlan Shah during this 2012 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup. If you are a fan of hockey, you would know this as a premier invitational men's field hockey tournament. This year, it features six top ... continue reading »

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