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Posts tagged 'District of Kuala Langat'

Sungai Lang Homestay

This Sungai Lang Homestay in Banting is not a homestay in the true sense of the word. As I understand it, the concept of homestay in a Malay village is to enjoy the hospitality of the host and to participate in the daily activities of the family. In the homestay context of Sungai Lang, guests are ... continue reading »

Bukit Jugra paragliding

Paragliding at Bukit Jugra was supposed to be the highlight of my recent Selangor trip. Unfortunately, after listening to Capt. Ikhwan Azilah's safety briefing, and tips on take-off and landing, and subsequently waited for an hour, the wind conditions were still unfavourable and we had to abandon our plan. The base of the Bukit Jugra lighthouse, ... continue reading »

Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation

Our visit to this pineapple plantation was an eye-opening experience. It never crossed my mind that planting pineapple can be a back-breaking task, as everything is done manually. The Kampung Kundang pineapple plantation in Batu Laut, Banting, Selangor is three hundred acres wide, and they are in the process of converting all the crops into a ... continue reading »

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