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Gathering of Former Ipoh City Mayors & Council Pensioners

Aug 28, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events

The Ipoh City Council and MBI Pensioners Association (PERMAI) created history by bringing together more than 500 members at a gathering. On the guest list were former City Mayors, Council Secretaries, City Councillors, Heads of Departments and those who had held other positions within the council. The memorable event, which was hosted at Gunung Lang Recreational ... continue reading »

Football fans from Ipoh and neighbouring towns made their way to the Sultan Abdul Jalil field to watch the friendly match between Super Lawak FC and MBI FC. MBI FC thrashed Super Lawak FC. The game ended in 4-3 during penalty shootout in favour of MBI FC, after a tie of 6-6 at full time. The friendly, ... continue reading »

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