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Located within the industrial area on reclaimed land off Lukang in Changhua County are these attractions known as Taiwan Glass Gallery and glass Mazu temple, both built and owned by Taiwan Mirror Glass Enterprise Limited (台湾玻璃馆), or TMG in short. The highlights of Taiwan Glass Gallery are Golden Tunnel and Underwater World. As you can probably ... continue reading »

Ribbon King Museum (緞帶王觀光工廠) is actually adjacent to BRAND’S® Health Museum in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, Lukang. Established in 1988, this is a one-of-a-kind museum, the first ribbon museum in Asia. Similar to BRAND’S® Health Museum and some factories in this area, Ribbon King Museum is open to the public for an educational tour and organises ... continue reading »

Located on the reclaimed land of Lukang on the west coast of the island of Taiwan, is BRAND’S® Health Museum. BRAND’S® is an international household name in concoctions for general wellness, and it is only one of the many factories and galleries open to visitors and group tours at this Lukang industrial area, named Changhua ... continue reading »

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