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As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have found the "perfect" place to work on my laptop when I am in Kuala Lumpur. Coming from Ipoh, the capital city is my transit point to places where assignments take me. Although I have relatives in KL, I prefer to be in the heart of ... continue reading »

As a digital nomad, I work on the go. Although I can work wherever I am, I do admit that I am not as productive compared to sitting at my own desk at home. Even so, work has to go on, whether I am in a classy hotel, a backpacker's lodge, a bamboo hut nature resort, ... continue reading »

budget hotel Bukit Bintang

Recently, when I told a KL friend that I would be spending a night at Apple Hotel, he asked me why I have chosen that area, of all places. Jalan Alor is a place you go and hunt for food, and then get the hell out of, especially at night. Well, Apple Hotel is very convenient ... continue reading »

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