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If you have been looking for a dinner venue that serves BBQ in the heart of Ipoh city, a new option is Hotel Excelsior Ipoh. Beginning July, the hotel coffee house, Dulang, serves one of the most scrumptious BBQ dinners, offering beef, lamb, stringray (fish) and other seafood on the grill. This BBQ selection is part of ... continue reading »

father’s day special food promotion

Father's Day, celebrated in Malaysia on the third Sunday of June, is still more than a month away. However, for those who are already planning to fete the greatest man in their lives, do take note that Symphony Café at Symphony Suites Hotel will be having a special BBQ buffet dinner on June 15. Besides feasting ... continue reading »

Impiana Hotel Ipoh Hari Raya buffet

My family and I celebrate various occasions throughout the year at Impiana Hotel Ipoh (IHI), a premier hotel in Ipoh City. This year, we had the opportunity to celebrate Hari Raya at the hotel. Aren't we Malaysians lucky that we get to enjoy all festivals even though we are of different races and religions? The first ... continue reading »

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