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Are you into grill-cum-steamboat dining concept? If this is your kind of cuisine, then look out for Bar.B.Q Plaza, a newly opened eatery at SkyAvenue. I do admit that self-cooking Mongolian/Japanese style barbeque does not rock my boat but I was game for the experience and was lucky to have a dining mate who enjoyed doing ... continue reading »

With over a hundred Food & Beverage outlets in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, one needs to visit numerous times just to dine at a fraction of the restaurants. Well, here is a list of Top 6 recommended restaurants that I have compiled, so that you won't feel overwhelmed and will know which to "attack" first, ... continue reading »

Yours truly was invited by Resorts World Genting last weekend to take on a 24-hour food trail challenge that consisted of 23 F&B outlets. Avid readers would know that this wasn't my first eating marathon at Resorts World Genting. I've been on 36-hour and 12-hour eating trails previously, and came out of them alive and ... continue reading »

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