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Chng Eng Joo Penang

Chng Eng Joo was where revolutionary leader, Dr. Sun Yet Sen, moved his based to Penang, one year before China's Republican Revolution of 1911. Here, he organised the Penang Conference and planned the Second Guangzhou Uprising, hence, history was made. Also the base of Nanyang Tongmenghui, this was the birth place of the Chinese newspaper, Kwong Wah ... continue reading »

Jawi House Café Gallery Penang

This quaint restaurant along Armenian Street serves authentic Jawi Peranakan (Straits Muslim) cuisine, one of the rare places, even in Penang. Jawi Peranakan is similar to Nyonya Baba Peranakan. However, the Jawi Peranakan is the community of people whose forefathers from India, Arab, Turkey and Persia immigrated to Malaya and married local Malay women. Jawi Peranakan ... continue reading »

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