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Royal Belum World Drums Festival

Just like last year, heavy downpour almost washed out the festival, but like true professionals, the show must go on, and proceeded it did. In today's post, I am sharing some photos, although pictures alone don't do justice to the musical extravaganza. Nevertheless, I do have some videos to share as well, so, check them out ... continue reading »

Royal Belum World Drums Festival 2012

The Royal Belum World Drums Festival 2012, one of the many Visit Perak Year 2012 programmes, was held from 21st to 26th Feb, 2012, at five locations in Perak, namely Taiping, Lumut, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh, and the finale, Gerik. I attended the Royal Belum World Drums Festival in Ipoh and I tell you, it was ... continue reading »

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