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“Once Upon A Time” (皇宫灿烂)

Feb 6, 2013 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personal
Once Upon A Time

Synopsis: Once upon a time, six thousand years ago, there was an Emperor (played by Jack Lim 林德荣). Not an ordinary one, but a good-for-nothing Emperor, who only cared about his own meals, while leaving his subjects to starve and fall ill. His Ah-Wa-Lei-Wa-Lei-Har-Mo-Nei-Onn-Phat-Si-Fu-Lan kingdom was in dire need of food and water but he refused ... continue reading »

Once Upon A Time Hyundai

The weekend saw the main cast of "Once Upon A Time" (皇宫灿烂) making a visit to the northern 3S Centres of Hyundai, the movie's vehicle sponsor. It was a final promotional push for the movie, after two tiring months of travelling in Malaysia, making some ninety stops along the way. For this tour up north for ... continue reading »

Once Upon A Time

Selected members of the press in Ipoh were invited to a special media preview of Jack Lim's 2013 Chinese New Year production, Once Upon A Time (皇宫灿烂). The comedy, directed by Silver, and presented by World Trend Corporate Sdn. Bhd., the sponsorship director, has an original storyline by Jack Lim himself. It is about a ... continue reading »

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