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much fanfare on Grand Launch Day

SplashMania – First-Ever Water Park in Malaysia to have a VR Slide!

Deciding where to go for a family day trip can be a daunting task. Sometimes, the easiest options are the ones closer to home with entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Well, situated in Gamuda Cove, Selangor (just 35 minutes’ drive from Kuala Lumpur), SplashMania Waterpark is the perfect destination for a family day out! The water park was officially launched on 2nd July 2023 by Selangor Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Amirudin bin Shari, marking the opening of the water park at full capacity.

SplashMania Grand Launch on 2nd July 2023
SplashMania Grand Launch on 2nd July 2023

Featuring 24 thrilling water slides and 15 different attractions, SplashMania is committed to providing the most unforgettable water park experience for the entire family; the young and the young-at-heart.

much fanfare on Grand Launch Day
much fanfare on Grand Launch Day
our writer, Jean, anticipates a good time at SplashMania
our writer, Jean, anticipates a good time at SplashMania

To ensure you won’t get lost in the large water park, several maps are placed around the recreation ground to help guests locate where they are. Generally, the park is divided into 4 zones:

1) Extreme Adventure
2) Thrill Adventure
3) Family Adventure
4) Kids Adventure

Video: POV: Spills & Thrills @ SplashMania Waterpark Gamuda Cove

Here are a few of the park’s signature rides and attractions:
Atlantis VR – Malaysia’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Slide
To experience this one-of-a-kind slide, riders were asked to wear the VR headgear before embarking on the ride, where they would be transported into a 250-metre virtual journey through the Lost City of Atlantis. We found this slide to be a truly unique experience, a must-try since this is Malaysia’s first VR Slide!

Monsta & Twista – SplashMania’s wildest high-speed slides
These 2 high-speed slides promise riders an adrenaline-pumping ride through curved tubes of various twists and turns, heart-stopping drops, plus quick spins into tilted bowl slides. Both slides were hair-raising for us but very enjoyable to ride.

Manic Racer
Race down this multi-flume slide with 3 other friends/family members to see who reaches the finishing line first. A very fun slide if you are feeling competitive.

Slide down enclosed tubes at high speed while enjoying fascinating visual and sound effects. We rejoiced in the sensory experience while going down this slide.

Video: POV: Shaka Waka @ SplashMania Waterpark Gamuda Cove

The Plunge
Definitely not for the faint hearted, this steep slide is angled at 78 degrees and will send riders swooshing down at high speed from the top of the Amazonia Ship about 6 storeys high. Needless to say, we weren’t brave enough to try this slide but were delighted watching other visitors having fun. LOL!

Amazonia Ship
Amazonia Ship

Amazonia Ship
Climb up the impressive multi-levelled ship to recreate the iconic “Titanic Experience” at the ship’s bow and take in amazing views of the whole water park from its top deck. We were happy to get stunning Insta-worthy shots from up here. Coming soon on the ship are pay-per-ride attractions such as the Sky Leap (bungee jump from captain’s deck) and Zoomi’s Runway (enjoy the views of the water park while zooming across it from the ship’s deck).

Child-friendly slides
SplashMania has plenty to offer kids too. The Kids Adventure Zone features mini versions of the water slides such as Mini Mania, Mini Monsta including Tiny Twista. The huge and colourful Treasure Tower is Malaysia’s tallest water play structure made up of multiple types of fun water slides enough to keep your kids occupied.

Treasure Tower, one of the thrilling water slides for kids
Treasure Tower, one of the thrilling water slides for kids
part of the Kids Adventure Zone
part of the Kids Adventure Zone

Other attractions
Besides water slides, the park also has other attractions such as the Ravage River, Bubbly Dip, Monsoon, Wave Ball Pool, Omba’King’s Cove, Splash Sploosh, Swaggy’s Cliff, Petting Zoo, etc.

The full list of all slides and attractions plus further information on SplashMania can be found at the SplashMania webpage.

Food & Refreshments
If you find yourself hungry and thirsty after all the fun, you can re-fuel and re-hydrate at the many eateries in the Park such as Jungle Jamboree (food court serving both local and western delights), Zoomi’s Shack (restaurant featuring Louisiana food as well as Korean street snacks), Swaggy’s (kiosk offering waffles, corn dogs and sweetcorn) and many more.

Get your tickets online at glplay.com.my. Price of tickets start from RM81 during low season up to RM125 during peak season. You’ll be delighted to know that your tickets also come with Free unlimited digital photos of yourself at the park (using facial recognition technology) to be redeemed by downloading GL CLIX photos within the GL Play App (available on iOS & Android). How cool is that?

choose a photo template of SplashMania, here with the park's mascots
choose a photo template of SplashMania, here with the park’s mascots

Free Wall’s Ice Cream – Limited time only!
And for a limited time only until 16 July, guests at the park can enjoy a FREE Wall’s ice cream by simply following these easy steps:
1) Like/Follow GL PLAY & SplashMania on social media
2) Download the GL PLAY App
3) Complete a quick and easy feedback form

SplashMania’s operating days/hours:
Monday, Wednesday – Sunday : 10am – 6pm
(Closed on Tuesdays except public holidays and school holidays)

Additional information before your visit
Separate Male and Female shower rooms are available in the Park but do bring your own towels as there are none available for rent. Lockers are available for rent at the following rate:
Small – RM15
Medium – RM35
Large – RM40

(Payment of lockers can be made via card/e-wallet)

Follow SplashMania’s social media on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!

SplashMania is part of the integrated Low Carbon Smart City known as Gamuda Cove
SplashMania is part of the integrated Low Carbon Smart City known as Gamuda Cove

Written by: Jean De Witt

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